Varigotti well-known for its crystalline waters and its beautiful sea depths, for its wild nature, is an ideal setting for those who want to find the absolute relax or sports of all kinds. Punta Crena, the popular Bay of the Saracens, and the beautiful beach of Malpasso are unmissable destinations for you to live the sea “bandiera blu” (italian recognition for clean water). The Arabian-Saracen historical influences creates little treasures to be discovered in a walk in the alleys of the quaint and colorful old town.
The fragrant Mediterranean vegetation invites to pleasant walks along the trails on the plateau of the Manie: enchanted landscape that hids wonderful caves, like the one of the Fairies, lush meadows and Churches of the past, such as San Giovanni or San Lorenzo, patron of Varigotti. It starts just from here one of the most breathtaking trails of Liguria: the path of the Pilgrim which connects the village of Varigotti to Noli, passing the beautiful cave of the Brigands.
For the most curious explorers how don't go to search the Roman bridges on the ancient Via Julia Augusta, today better known as Val Ponci? The hinterland of Varigotti donate excitement also for sports enthusiastics. Lovers of mountain biking can give free rein to their passion passing on kilometers on beautiful trails overlooking the sea, while enjoying some culinary break between the many small restaurants in this area.




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